Does your home feel tired and worn? Then, it may be time to show your house a little love! With that in mind, simple updates can gratify and motivate you without the mess of renovations. As a general rule, think small on your overhaul. Small steps can freshen up and give your place a new look, layout, and feel without the hassle and cost.

Bring the outside in. What ever the season, your home thrives on the natural world. For instance, keep your house healthy with house plants; they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and help cleanse toxins from the air. If you don’t have a green thumb, there are things like seashells, pinecones, stones, and twigs to bring life and energy to your home.

Make every day special. Stop saving and start using the fine china and crystal for everyday occasions and make your family feel special. Shed the worry of keeping everything pristine and find pleasure in the moment with the tangible things precious to you.

Purge and clean. Begin with a small project like a closet or drawer. Embrace simplicity and let go of the rest. Do you really need all those ink pens? Finish up with a thorough cleaning and plan out your next project. Before you know it, the house will be organized, clean, and not the overwhelming job you expected.

Freshen the look. By far, the quickest way to freshen a rooms appearance is with new fabric. Change out your throw pillows on the couch for new bold prints to bring out contrasting color in the room. In the bedroom, switch out bedding to align with the season.

Paint something! A coat of paint can work miracles on a room. However, if you want to keep the project small, paint a piece of furniture or home accessories to contrast with features of the room. With just a few painted pieces, you can accentuate the positive or transform the color scheme completely.

Remember, your home is your sanctuary, shelter, and protector from the elements! Give it the respect it deserves and find joy in the little things, like a shared family meal or the warmth of a fireplace. Are you thinking about a home to call your own? If so, call me and let’s find the home you love!

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