Is your home ready for a last minute showing or perhaps an unexpected guest? With the right preparation you can reduce the time it takes to sell your home by how it’s presented in ads, showings, and listing photos. Start by simulating a potential buyer walk-thru and pay close attention to things that appeal to buyers. To illustrate, here are 10 tips to prepare for a showing:

  1. Start outside. Depending on the season, make sure the lawn is in order with fresh cut grass, leaves raked, and free of any debris. If there is snow, be sure to have sidewalks shoveled to the front door and a path around the exterior.
  2. Clear the clutter. Buyers notice things that deflect from the structure, like clutter or personal items. Clear stairs, entry ways, and the kitchen table. Move shoes, stacks of mail, pet products, and other distractions to a closet or out of sight.
  3. Keep the kitchen clean. The kitchen is traditionally a key selling feature of a home and buyers will look closely at the details and functions therein. Clear and clean the countertops to illustrate the working space and quality of materials, like granite surfaces.   Remove magnets or artwork from the exterior of the refrigerator to give a clean sleek appearance. Sweep and mop floors to remove any pet hair or spills.
  4. Behold, the bathroom. It’s the room you go to get clean, so it should be clean from the get go! Buyers will certainly look in the tub or shower and a dirty one could turn buyers off. Clear the vanity top of medications and personal items and replace with a fresh bar of soap and a stack of clean towels. Don’t forget the toilet, give it a fresh scrubbing and keep the lid down.
  5. Make the beds. Add a decorative pillow or two to create a little interest. Again, put personal items away, like jewelry, to avoid security risks. While it’s uncommon for things to go missing during a showing, be on the safe side and secure items in a safe place. Try to free up a little closet space so buyers can see the potential for storage.
  6. Clear the air. Buyers can smell a foul odor a mile away. If there are pets in the home, be sure to clean areas that may generate odors in the air. Avoid cooking things with pungent odors like fish or bacon. To clear the air, simmer vanilla extract on low heat to give it a fresh baked cookie smell.
  7. Set the mood. Before the showing, turn on lights in every room; open the blinds to bring in natural light, and display listing information about your home on the kitchen table or counter. Add a little ambiance with classical music playing in the background. Set up a slide show of listing photos on your TV to play during showings.

A positive home showing is essential, particularly in a competitive market. Follow our tips and you will be on your way to a successful sale in no time. If you want more tips on selling your home, contact George today!

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