As spring approaches, it’s time to plan for outside projects to improve the “curb appeal” of your home. You can make simple changes to enhance the attractiveness of your home-front that will surely turn heads. Check out these manageable spring projects ideas:

Perk up the front door.

Your entryway is the first impression to your home: make it impressive. Liven up the front door with a fresh coat of paint or a new brass door knocker. If your front door show signs of wear, consider replacing it with one that adds vibrant color, decorative glass, or a feature with distinct personality.

Update the mailbox.

Is your mailbox weathered and dingy and maybe leaning to one side? Perk it up with a coat of paint and new adhesive street numbers. If your old one is not worth saving, chose a new mailbox to match your home’s architectural style. If your mailbox is mounted to a pole, plant flowers around the base of the post to amplify the attraction.

Accentuate the positive.

Even the simplest of things can make a huge impact, like the hardware and fixtures around your home’s entrance. Replace the outdated lock and handle on your front door and add accents like a matching kick plate and new light fixtures. Even something as simple as placing brushed-nickel address numbers to your porch or siding will add a handsome point of interest. These inexpensive updates can add an impressive emphasis to define your home’s overall look.

Light the way.

Increase the safety of guests arriving after dusk and add security to your home with a lighted path to the front door. Soft exterior lighting gives your home an inviting and friendly ambiance after dark. Use lighting to emphasize landscaping and any other features you want to highlight for anyone approaching your front door. Plus, the lights improve security by adding visibility around your house. A quick and simple sidewalk lighting solution are solar lights. These reduce the need for electrical wiring and can stay illuminated for at least 6 hours.

Edge the driveway.

Adding a border along the driveway gives a sharp, organized look. Edging materials such as bricks, pavers, and stone bring asphalt to life with color, texture, and ornamental designs. Consider an edge slightly elevated to prevent people from driving onto your lawn.

The flower power.

Create flower gardens that make your guests “want to stop and smell the roses.” Add flowers to accentuate sidewalks, property boundaries, and landscaping. Flowers are a cost-effective way to make your home look gorgeous. Talk to your local nursery about plants and flowers that thrive in your area. If you want to eliminate the need to buy and plant new flowers every year, consider planting perennials that will return on their own each year.

Use these tips to get your spring projects started! If this is the year you want to sell your home, call George Papakostas and for valuable insights into your local real estate market and much more. Is this the year you “spring” into action? Call George at 301.424.0900!

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