As the holidays approach, our minds drift to family, friends, food – and the stress of preparing to open up your home to these loved ones.

Here are 5 quick tips to help you prepare your home for the influx of guests.

  1. Decorate the mantle: If you dont have a mantle, move on to #2. However, decorating your mantle is an easy way to give your house a bit of autumn charm. Place candles, garlands of leaves, or vintage books like these mantles here. Have fun! Let your artsy side out and enjoy the finished product!
  2. Do-It-Yourself Decorations: Want to decorate your home for fall without breaking the bank? Check out The Frugal Homemaker’s 31 Days of Fall Inspiration.  This is a great website for DIY fall decor. Your guests will love it and you will have the satisfaction of having made it yourself!
  3. Clear out the refrigerator: Remember, Thanksgiving is the day that your table sees more food than it does on any other occasion. Youre going to need room for all the leftovers. Do yourself a favor and make room for leftover containers now, not late that night when all you want to do is fall into a food coma.  
  4. Use a tablecloth: A tablecloth is another easy way to give a meal a more elegant feel. It also makes clean up easier.
  5. Make your own whipped cream: This is one of the simplest, most delicious add-on to a Thanksgiving staple: pie. However, it is often overlooked. Here is an easy recipe for making your own whipped cream that you and your guests are sure to enjoy!  Don’t forget to serve whipped cream with your after dinner coffee for a special treat!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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